WINTER GOALS – Wrapping Up The Year


It isn’t Winter 2015 quite yet. But its coming up quick. With the upcoming Thanksgiving festivities and even Christmas, everybody has there own sets of to-do’s. I figured I’d go about sharing mine! Maybe give you some inspiration as to how to set up yours!

Priority Goals

  • Land the Public Relations position at Diverge Marketing
  • Save up to get Travis (My boyfriend) a Playstation 4 for Christmas.
  • Get a Queen Sized Mattress & Box Spring.
  • Blog more!!!
  • Look at apartments. By December 20 narrow it down to two.
  • Get Bradlee (My dog) checked up at the vet.
  • Put $200 towards Credit Card Payment.
  • Get a domain for this blog.

Secondary Goals

  • Dress up more.
  • Try to go to the gym once a week (starting off.)
  • Start getting small things for the apartment.
  • Start looking at furniture for the apartment.
  • Rock christmas gifts this year.
  • Get a new comforter.
  • Start buying thrifted furniture and upscaling it to sell.



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