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WINTER GOALS – Wrapping Up The Year


It isn’t Winter 2015 quite yet. But its coming up quick. With the upcoming Thanksgiving festivities and even Christmas, everybody has there own sets of to-do’s. I figured I’d go about sharing mine! Maybe give you some inspiration as to how to set up yours!

Priority Goals

  • Land the Public Relations position at Diverge Marketing
  • Save up to get Travis (My boyfriend) a Playstation 4 for Christmas.
  • Get a Queen Sized Mattress & Box Spring.
  • Blog more!!!
  • Look at apartments. By December 20 narrow it down to two.
  • Get Bradlee (My dog) checked up at the vet.
  • Put $200 towards Credit Card Payment.
  • Get a domain for this blog.

Secondary Goals

  • Dress up more.
  • Try to go to the gym once a week (starting off.)
  • Start getting small things for the apartment.
  • Start looking at furniture for the apartment.
  • Rock christmas gifts this year.
  • Get a new comforter.
  • Start buying thrifted furniture and upscaling it to sell.


QUICK TIPS to landing the job you want. {Part-Time Edition}

Quick Tips

It’s that time again. Either you’re just a kid trying to get a start in the world of employment or maybe a young adult trying to branch out and get a part-time job doing what you love, everybody gets nervous during interviews and not everybody is 100% confident in submitting applications or advancing there resume. (And yes, Resume’s suck.)

Here’s a few quick tips to the younger kids (15-18) who are trying to get there first part-time job.

1. Don’t think that just because you have a job you will be able to slack on work in school. You have to learn to balance both. Its hard but in the end it is worth it. 

2. Don’t expect your first time job to be perfect. My first job was being a hostess at Harbor Inn Seafood. It sucked and I was only there for two months-but still, it was my first job.

3. You got the interview! Now what to wear? I HIGHLY recommend researching the business where you are being interviewed. If it is a fashion industry, try to incorporate their style into the business casual attire you wear. For example, I got an interview at Anthropologie less than 2 months ago. For that interview I wore a dress from the store with my own spin on it to show that I could represent their brand well.

4. DON’T LIE ON YOUR APPLICATION. Don’t lie about your age, or your address or even your name. If you are offered the position, some establishments will run a background check and usually when you either come in for the second interview or the orientation you will complete an I-9 (A verification that you can legally work in the US.) The I-9 requires two forms of identification, most employers prefer a state issued Drivers License and a Social Security Card. 

5. Smile, ALOT. Whenever you meet the employer either to turn in an application or go in for an interview… always make sure you smile. 

Now, heres a few tips for the people who have had jobs in the past, but want to venture out to places that are more professional.

  1. Update your resume. Make sure you have all of the required components.
  2. In the interview try to stay cool and collected. I have been through very many interviews and am finally now able to not be nervous. 
  3. If you were at a place of employment for less than 2 months, or you feel that the employer would give you a very negative review… don’t publish it on your resume. (For example, I usually don’t put Dickies BBQ, Walmart or Platinum Plus down on my resumes. 1) I worked there for less than a month at all three)
  4. As you go through employers, make good connections with people of power. (Managers, Sales leads, ext.) These people make wonderful references.
  5. Try to stay at your new job long enough to get to management. Once you are made management you can transfer to other companies/industries as management.




Hey Ya’ll! My first true post and I figured I would make a post regarding the motto I am now living by, and how other people can learn from my choices.

1. Don’t allow other people’s opinions to sway you. The more you think about them, the more power you give them.

2. Look at yourself in the mirror and pinpoint things that you love about yourselves. Maybe your pretty blue eyes or your prominent cheekbones. 

3. Find a hobby or something that interest you. Find something that you can do whenever you are stressed.

4. Get out of the house! If it’s your day off go find something to entertain you and keep you out of the house. (For example, me and my love went to the flea market on Sunday and I found lots of goodies for our puppy.)

5. Don’t pay too much attention to other people. There lives may seem interesting but trust me you will never further your own agenda by idolizing somebody else’s. 

6. Save money. Trust me, you’ll feel better knowing you have money in the bank for a rainy day.

7. If you have a significant other, try to find time to relax with them. Maybe cuddle up and watch a movie or take a walk. (Trust me, this weather is too amazing not to go out and stroll in.)

8. Spend time with friends. 

9. If you have a dog, take him/her for walks. They are very therapeutic and your dog will love you for it!

10. If you begin to think negatively, it is very hard for your body to get out of that place. So try your best to stay light hearted and positive.